a little lol!

Not only do I suffer from CRPS but dare I say it, I’m a vegetarian. There I said it please dont think any less of me. lol. Anyway I was just thinking back an a funny thought occurred to me recently that is to do with both CRPS and my choice of diet. There are many people out there who have misconceived ideas of how my not eating flesh effects their life and throw idiotic, generic and un-thought of remarks my way as if I have never heard them before.  Anyway my pet hate is this one, probably because I hear it the most.

Annoying Person: How about all of the vegetables that you are murdering, what about their suffering and pain?

Me: Well actually vegetables do not feel pain because research has shown that they do not have a central nervous system and therefore can not feel pain.

Now normally Annoying Person would be stumped on this one but all of a sudden I find myself thinking “THOSE LUCKY BASTARDS!” lol I wish i didn’t need a central nervous system! But then some Vegetarian would probably feel justified in eating me!


2 thoughts on “a little lol!

    • Please do not assume that because I identify as Vegetarian and not Vegan means that my ethics are any lower than yours. This post was intended as a funny piece of my life in relation to a horrific pain disease in my nervous system that I am currently dealing with. My ethics have nothing to do with this post. Do my rescue hens that I keep free range and my dairy free lifestyle make me any less ethical than you? The judgement that I joked about in this post does go both ways and I am always disappointed when my fellow vegetarians and vegans preach as you just have and confirm stereotypes about my lifestyle and make life harder for me when people expect me to act the same. Remember you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar! I wish you well though. 🙂

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