Reflection Of My Last post: SOMETIMES I GET ANGRY!

So I have been feeling angry about what happened to my when I was burnt a year ago. I felt like I was treated unfairly in an extreme way. I had my rant and chatted with a close friend and then i dawned one me. Its been a year!

My Burniversary was 8 days ago and I made a decision that I would not mourn it, I would celebrate it. My Dad was insulted that I would want to do this for something so horrible, but my only other option was to be sad! I went for dinner with the people who were there for me during this time and it was so much fun. I got dressed up and looked great. I even wore heels for the first time in a year because it would be seated and I love my shoes. It was the perfect night and I loved it.

So now a week later Im clearly dealing with some issues. I guess it always had to happen. I handled the past year to well. No one looses their whole world through an accident without cracking at some point. I was considering suing this morning but I really dont want to put energy into something I cant change. The past is the past and I have to move on from this.

xx 🙂


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