Something To Look Forwards To!

Despite how much CRPS has taken over my life, I think it is so important to have something that I can look forwards to. Be it a movie coming out, a holiday, seeing your friend who lives away. I think it keeps us going and looking forwards to the future. After tomorrow night I will be looking for my next thing to look forwards to!

So after a year of not much happening except pain and limitations, I am about to go as wild as a 30yr old woman with CRPS in 3 limbs can go. Especially as this excited girl is in need of a ketamine infusion that will be staring a week later. I AM GOING TO SEE MY FAVE BAND, MUSE!!!!!!!!!! Yep for this band I turn into a complete fan girl. Tomorrow night I will be sitting in my awesome seats (fan pre-sale tickets) right by the stage as my fave band show me why I love them. I’ll be medicating myself up and going all out. I’ll take the flare that will probably follow. After all I have an infusion the next week. I’ll be fine.

So I’m happy not to be in the mosh pit because I cant be up front and my tickets will more than make up for that. I’ll be much closer to the stage and comfy while I’m at it. Standing in line while I buy piles of merchandise will be a challenge.  I will also probably hobble around the back of the Adelaide Entertainment centre in hope of meeting the band as well. So again, that infusion will be well timed.

I haven’t seen MUSE in three years since they last came to Australia. I had two tickets to the first of two shows and because the second ticket ended up going to a friend who gave me money for it, I was able to buy the last ticket to the second show just hours before the start. I was so happy. MUSE two nights in a row. I am a little sad that I can’t follow them around the country like I originally planned. Damn CRPS!!!

When I was burnt and in the burns unit my sister went and bought me their latest album, The 2nd Law. It came out while I was in hospital. Their music got me through that time and through a lot of the past year. So in a way, they saved me from going into a dark place over this horrible disease.

I’m just so excited for tomorrow night. I just hope I don’t flare until after. I will take it easy it the lead up. I’ll report back on how I went. Xx


All Pictures are from the last tour 15 Dec 2010, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne and are owned by me



2 thoughts on “Something To Look Forwards To!

    • I loved it so much. My inner fangirl came out and I stood out in the cold and rain for 2 hrs after in pain, hoping to meet them. They drove straight past! lol I suffered so bad for it after. Lucky my sister was there to look after me. Im giving up on doing stupid things like that. Lucky I had my Ketamine Infusion booked for a week later. Im sure ill do it again though, some times the pain is worth it. lol

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