OOPS!!! I forgot my CRPS anniversary.

I just sat down to my computer and realised that its the first of March and two days past my one year CRPS anniversary. Oops!!! Oh well. I did go out for dinner tonight so Ill  go back and dedicate tonight to my attempt at celebrating. lol.

I realise now that I had CRPS much earlier than Feb last year. I was injured in a burn injury the October before and put any symptoms down to healing and nerve growth. I just didnt have a flare until three and a half months after the original injury. It came as a real blow to me because I had just gotten my life back on track, started to remove my compression garments, had taken up running and gone back to work and was looking at moving to Melbourne to start over with a new perspective on life.

What a year its been. The worst I have had by a long way, but it hasn’t all been bad. I have made some fantastic friends through CRPS, become much closer to my family and friends and have a far happier outlook on life. I just don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.

Im spending next week in Adelaide so perhaps I’ll go out to celebrate the best I can. For my burn anniversary, I went to my favorite restaurant with the family and friends who had supported me. It was a fun night, as I had wanted. I didn’t see the point in dwelling on what had happened and rathered I celebrate the good that came from it and how lucky I was compared to some. I would have celebrated the other night just the same. If only I had remembered!

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