PAIN SCALE: Here is a good one.

I found this fantastic Pain Scale the other day and thought that I would share it with you all. I do not know where it originates from but it is too good not to share. I have in the past found it hard to find a good definition of each level of pain. For my own pain diaries that I have been asked to keep by my Doctors, I have merged many together and made do with what I had. I like that this one justifies what is minor, moderate and severe pain.


If anyone knows where this chart originates than please let me know. I like to give credit where credit is due. 🙂


3 thoughts on “PAIN SCALE: Here is a good one.

  1. I’ve had CRPS since 1991 (diagnosed in 1997) affecting my sciatic nerve, hip, calf and foot. I have to agree this scale is awesome, very realistic. Hard to consider and think that I’m almost certainly on a day on a daily basis… with 40 mg of methadone a day, Cymbalta, slow release paracetamol and a very well place spinal cord stimulator. (with paddle electrode so coverage is extensive.)
    I probably have two or three days a week needing 20-30mg oxycodone too to get it down from the 8 or 9 it reaches. I get an intense pain in my foot especially that makes me want to puke.. like migraine intensity but in my foot and calf. Other than meds nothing makes it better…. i do have to stop what i’m doing, can’t just push through that level of pain. Its hard though, because you do adapt.. when I remember the early days in 91 completely unable to move my leg without severe pain that seemed so much worse.. but I imagine without my meds I’d probably be at that still anyway. I’ve only browsed through you blog so far, couldn’t seem to find a start date of when you were first burnt, or maybe my brain lost it somewhere because i remember reading how badly you were treated. Sadly my story is pretty similar.. but a disc injury considered muscular only because I was only 18 and 4 months into my RN training. My body adapted eventually and I finished my training in 1990 only to experience severe pain 6 months later. Then i was treated well, especially as an RN known my the staff.. but standard protocol for 1991.. bedrest and traction, and no physio until documented resolvement of disc prolapse weeks later. first spinal epidural came after an exacerbation 5 weeks after a 7 week hospital stay, and so the start of masking my pain and being considered a malingerer by so many. Can’t see CRPS on MRI so pain not real.. even though my leg would go read hot then icy cold. Took a persistant GP for a referral to London neurosurgeon and was diagnosed in weeks……. then SCS. Argghhh.. my 7 and 9 year old daughters demanding I join them in the snow… (moved from UK to Sweden after meeting my epileptic hubby in a forum for people with neurological illness in 2001) will write again.. promise.

    • Im really glad you liked my blog. I was burnt in Oct 2012 and my CRPS went mostly un noticed until the end of Feb 2013 when I had my first big flare. I also was told to rest it for a few weeks and that’s when I started my own research and found CRPS as a complication of burn injury. Its really hard to get anything happening when so many medical staff have no idea. I was lucky that I pushed until I got what I wanted, but it still took a long time and lots of traveling. I live 300km from Adelaide, Australia. I really thing it is great that you met your hubby through CRPS in a way. That’s a awesome silver lining. 🙂

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