Getting Out And About: pace yourself honey!!!!!1

Ive been in Adelaide for the past week and have been staying with my bestie and having a blast. I have to say that when you are ill and have been almost house bound for the past 18 months and not been anywhere on your own, Because you just cant drive that far. Its really daunting for you to be away for so long. I didnt know how my body would cope and Ihad a shocking flare the day before leaving.

But Im glad I did. Ill be going into it all more later. I just want to say that we need to find ways to get out more and have fun. This past week has been wonderful. Most of our adventures have been dictated by my body, but having an understanding friend and a city that is alive with The Adelaide Fringe Festival has made for a great time.  Im stoked that I left the comforts of home. Perhaps we all need to think of some achievable things that we can do and make ourselves a little more happy. Our lives are so limited but just getting out made all the difference to my head space. Yes, I was in a lot of pain and I had one day in bed with a bad flare and could hardly walk a few other days. I even fell asleep on another friend in a cafe because of my meds and CRPS. Lucky she understands and has it too. With forward planning things are achievable. You just have to be flexible as well. At one point I even had to go back to my car to have a rest and nap after a Drs appointment. lol. I made sure that the parking building was central to the hospital and the cafes and shops that I wandered through. Having that rest did me so much good. So I guess its still about pacing our selves but getting out of the house.

Also Its my Birthday on Friday and I really needed a good time after loosing my 30th last year to a shocking flare. I was also diagnosed the next day. 😦


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