Pain Relief with out the Pain Killers

In the time that I have been suffering with chronic pain I have always looked for ways to treat my pain in a more natural way. Things like warm wheat packs and Magnesium are in my go to treatments when I’m sore and uncomfortable. I never substitute natural over modern medicine, but I do believe in using natural alongside modern medication.

This is something that I plan to talk a lot about and I have just come across an article called 7 Simple Steps To Relieve Pain (Without Taking Drugs) by Mind Body Green that list’s a few good ways that we can try in reducing the impact of our pain. For example,

“4. Use nutrients and herbs on a daily basis to reduce pain and inflammation. including bromelain, fish oil, quercitin, curcumin, boswellia, licorice (use “DGL” if you have high blood pressure), devil’s claw, ginger, and Sam-E. There are many products on the market that include a combination of these ingredients. Ask in the supplement section of your local major natural foods store for help.”

I for one am a big fan of Curcumin and plan to share more about this chemical found in turmeric that is great for easing pain. It’s also a good excuse for eating Indian food. I’ll find any excuse really. LOL.

This article is well worth the read, I’m not a doctor, so of course it is best you chat with your Dr about anything you try. Even if you can take just one thing from this article then it’s worth the read.

Hope your all having a pain free day. xx


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