MERRY XMAS: All I want for xmas is for my pain to go away!!!! 


If only Santa could make our pain go away…

But this year I had a good day anyway. Plus Im feeling optimistic about the year ahead so ill settle with that this year. Plus good wine and cheese. What more could a girl want. I hope you also had a wonderful day with lots of love, family and a body that was kind to you. 

I found this online and thought is summed up my day this year. 

Its currently Boxing day here in Australia and ive stayed home to rest while everyone is at the Boxing day sales. I spent the days leading up to yesterday shopping for food and cooking salads and pavlovas for two seperate feasts. My body has been hell to be in the entire time but I enjoyed the challenge. This also meant that i had lots of food to eat. Being a vegetarian in a family of meat lovers has normally left me safe from over eatting. But when i ook lots of food I like well lets just say i weighed myself and i put on 1.5kg from eatting all day. It was good though. 

Happy Ney Year and fingers crossed 2018 is a big year for all of us. Xxx

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