Tattoo’s and CRPS

Yesterday I went with a close friend to hold her hand while she got a tattoo to honor her husband who died from a heart infection. Widowed at the age of 24, she is one of the strongest people I know. Her husband suffered for months and defied the odds numerous times in cheating death but eventually his body gave up and he went to a healthier, happier place.  Her experience put my burns and CRPS into perspective and was a constant reminder that there is always someone worse off than you!

While she was amazingly strong as usual, My damn CRPS arm went out in sympathy and jumped straight into flare at the sight of someone else in pain. It certainly gave her something to laugh at but in a way I was happy to be in pain for her. But it also got me thinking about my tattoo’s and how any future work will affect my CRPS. I know a few people who have gotten new tattoo’s since their diagnosis and Im hoping to do the same as I would like to get my deceased horse’s brand tattooed only my good arm. I miss him every day and have been wanting to do this since he died in January. I would also like to have the one on my left shoulder redone as I was never happy with the colour that the artist used. So Im thinking I will have to take the risk and have just a little extra done.