Juicing to keep me healthy

With all the medication and pain killers that we need to survive CRPS, I worry that there is a negative effect on out bodies and what it will do to us long term. One thing I like to do is make yummy, healthy juices that give me a burst of vitamins and help cleanse out any toxins. I wouldn’t say that I am an avid juicer. I tend to juice a lot then not for a while, but I do know that after a few days of it I feel fantastic.

I love growing my own food and its awesome when my juices come from my garden. Today I picked lots of spinach, celery, pea shoots, leaves off of my broccoli and cauliflower plants, parsley and beetroot leaves to make a super healthy juice packed full of greens and all the goodness that come from them. But of course I sweetened the deal a little with some apple and carrots. I love the way fresh juice fills your tummy up and keeps you full for a long time.

Fresh from the garden and my helper, Gemma

Of course I use the pulp from the juicer for compost. Its part of my sustainable philosophy to gardening and eventually what I take from the garden will go back to the soil. Plus with the energy I have from juicing I will have more energy for pottering around and caring for my plants. If only it gave me the strength to dig some new patches this weekend. I think I will need to enlist some help!

Have a great weekend everyone. xx