TWO OUTTA THREE AIN’T BAD! Three pain conditions suck worse than yours!

“Got pain? These three pain conditions suck worse than yours.”

Ha! Dont you love it when these lists pop up. Designed to make the average person feel better about them self. Sure if you have aches and pains, migraines or any other type of pain reading about these horrific conditions would make you feel better. Unless you suffer from two out of three of the condition in the list your reading, as I do! While I am used to seeing the standard lists with CRPS, my other condition rarely rates a mention, but here it is. and when you cover most of a list like this one, where do you go from there to make yourself feel better? Most of the time I think “at least it wont kill me!”

Here is how the article started but you can also read it in full here

Oh humans. We vile creatures, who feel better when others are doing comparatively worse. Rest assured, reading about these three painful conditions will not make you feel permanently better. But it might give you a bit of temporary perspective. 

no 1, Cluster Headaches: Check! yep I have these mean and nasty things that make me want to cut my face off. They come around every 6 months and make my life hell for anywhere from a day to a week. They are mean and I should probably do some posts about them on here. I have just had a bout in the last few days which is why I had been looking on line for info and came across this article. I woke up three days ago thinking that I had a tooth ache and then realised it was on all of my teeth on the right side. In no time at all it had spread into my ear, my eye, down my check and into my throat, all on the right side and all beyond intense. Lucky i also had a Doctors appointment on the first day so I could finally have it looked at. Yet the past three days have been a walk in the park compared to some of the attacks I have had. Lucky me!

No 2, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, I dont really need to introduce this one. Most of us know it all too well. I did learn one thing though, That TV show House, The lead character had CRPS apparently. The article said to watch seasons 1-4. Ill pass on that. Perhaps that could go on my new “it could be worse” list. lol, Not my cup of tea really.

“CRPS is a strange condition because it can range from fairly mild to absolutely debilitating. I learned about it after watching House MD, in an episode where Dr. House got shot and forced himself into a coma using a hallucinogenic drug called ketamine. He miraculously wakes up pain-free for the first time in years. “

I will admit though that while “normal” people would look at this list and feel so much better about their own pain, I look at it and feel justified for getting annoyed at those annoying people who post on Facebook how hard they have it when they have it so much easier yet dont realise how much they have. Their health, freedom, ability to work, socialise, meet men, etc.  I guess ignorance is bliss and I may have also been that person once.  Thinking about it, if I could push a button and make all of this go away, Im not sure I would. My pain has changed me for the better as well as the bad and I’m clearly going through this to get to where I need to be. Really though, How tough am I??? 🙂

And I just gotta do it, ever since I wrote the tittle this has been in my head. 🙂 Enjoy!

MEOW: My cat is the best medicine


Ok, sure her purring and weight isn’t ideal on a bad day where even my clothing can hurt my poor body, But I love my little girl and the comfort that she gives me is worth that extra bit of discomfort. I’m in pain anyway!  On a not so bad day, I feel blessed that I am “worthy” of her cuddles. Yeah, any one with a cat knows what I mean by that! On nights when I’m flaring Molly will come to bed with me or climb my window screen until I hobble out of bed to let her in. She has taken to sleeping next to me rather than on me since I’ve developed CRPS. On a bad day she sticks by me and has taken to leading me to the couch and waiting for me to sit before lightly climbing on. She seems to know before I do that I need to rest. Although, I do think she loves having me there to nurse her all night long.

10 Ways To Live Well Even With Chronic Illness

10 Ways To Live Well Even With Chronic Illness.

This is a must share! Part of managing CRPS is managing your life and working out how to live around CRPS.

via 10 Ways To Live Well Even With Chronic Illness.

Magnesium! Oh how I love you.


I have recently discovered the wonderful benefits of Magnesium for my CRPS. I have always loved the effects of my Epsom Salt Baths and my soaks in the ocean, but I have recently raised the bar and improved my magnesium intake to assist me with dealing with my CRPS.


  • I have started to search for alternative and more natural ways to deal with my pain.
  • Magnesium is often used to assist in pain relief and is widely used within the CRPS and chronic pain community
  • I have started to consider how feeding the brain and nervous system can assist me in coping with CRPS and reducing the symptoms I have, other than my pain. Spasms, cramps, tremors etc.
  • I am so tired of being on medication and the fact that they are losing their effect could end up in me needing even more. I am over it!

So how have I done this?  

With all of my research in mind I have gone with two new options for adding Magnesium into my routine.

  • Magnesium tablets with added Vitamin B6.  I’m taking Bio Organics Magnesium Forte. Is a vego option that I have added to my morning pile of pills. The B6 helps the body absorb the Magnesium.
  • Magnesium Oil. So apparently magnesium absorbs better through the skin. I have made my own Mag Oil and it is easier and far far far cheaper than any brought product. I have been rubbing it into my hand daily and arm and feet on bad days. I’m loving this option. I’ll share how I made I soon.

How Magnesium has helped me!

Keeping in mind that this is my experience and everyone will have different results

Before the extra Magnesium was added to my routine, I was tired, fatigued and in one of the worst flares to date. I had lost the use of my left hand and could barely move it.  Basically I was a mess and in a lot of pain.

I started with the Magnesium oil just rubbing a little into my left hand and wrist three times a day and a little on my feet. I did my best to stay objective at first, but what I felt was relief, and quite quickly. Within a minute the pain in my hand had halved and I was a very happy girl. The other thing that I noticed was that the next day I felt good within myself. I felt bright, awake and had energy to burn, despite the fact that I had considerable pain. The thing was I felt more able to deal with the pain. I was amazed that it had such a fast effect on me and so far after 2 weeks I still feel great and have been more active and flaring much less. I’m so impressed.

About a week after I added Magnesium tablets to my diet, I wanted to have a more constant supply of magnesium in my body. Now that I am out of my flare and not flaring as much, I don’t use as much mag Oil.  Every morning I take one tablet and I have maintained the same fantastic clear feeling.

Over the last month I have been hanging out for my second Ketamine infusion. There had been tears and days in bed unable to move my toes for fear of it triggering cramps and excruciating pain shooting through my body. Now, just over a week from my infusion, I’m wondering if I really need my infusion. Of course I need it. There are still flares and other symptoms to deal with. It’s just that I feel so good. So Magnesium is now permanently a big part of my treatment.


Click to access Collins_Zuuurmond_deLange.pdf

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or an nutritionist of any kind. Please consult with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet. I am writing this article from my experience and my understanding of the topic. Please consider doing your own research on this topic.

Some Fun With Pain Charts!


Pain is no fun! Clearly, It really hurts!

How much more fun is it when you compare your pain to Lego?

I found this pain chart recently and thought it was the perfect tool to make things just that little bit more cheerful. I believe we have the option to make the most of a situation or to just be miserable about things for the sake of it. But being miserable kind of sucks so who wants to do that!  Adding a little cheer to these situations eases the misery and is by far the better option.

Today my pain is so far sitting at a 6/10. My leg is bloody sore and getting worse, but I’m choosing to ignore it by distracting my self with fun things like this chart. I’m hoping to get my pain under control so I can go out and play in my veggie garden for a while. Sunds borring? two words: Fresh Strawberries! lol. That’s what I look forward to each day, even if its just a little wander around admiring how things are growing.  I hope you also have something to motivate you each day. xxx

RSD on The Doctors. OMG we are in the media at the moment!

The Doctors 10/2013
Facebook has been a buzz with the 3 part story about this woman with a severe case of RSD and is full of great info one what RSD is and what it does to us. It also looks at the woman’s story on living with the disease and advice given to her on the diet that she needs to assist her body lower inflammation.
The first part of this film is what all of our family and friends need to see to get whats wrong with us. Im just trying to pin a few of them down. lol. I posted it of Facebook and as suspected most people ignored it, but there was a few that watched it and in come the sympathy and horrified comments. lol. No my limbs do not look like that!Im having trouble loading the footage onto the post but ill work on getting it there, but for now on the above link is to the story on the website for the show

The Secret Life Of Pain, featuring CRPS

Last night I was switching through the channels on the TV and come across a Documentary on pain called The Secret Life Of Pain, made in the UK by the BBC in 2011. I decided to watch hoping to learn something and was hoping for a mention on CRPS. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The film talks about pain in many ways from the woman who feels no pain at all (I was a little jealous lol), to another with CRPS in most areas of her body.  My mum was also watching with me, so as the CRPS girl was being introduced I was saying to her that I was sure she had CRPS and then they said it. It was Awesome to hear those words and to have a member of my family see what I was going through, through someone else’s experience. It was also a great insight into pain in general.

I originally posted the full film on this post, however it is no longer available through that link. So here is an alternative way to watch the Docco in full.


Hope your having pain free days. 🙂 xx

a little lol!

Not only do I suffer from CRPS but dare I say it, I’m a vegetarian. There I said it please dont think any less of me. lol. Anyway I was just thinking back an a funny thought occurred to me recently that is to do with both CRPS and my choice of diet. There are many people out there who have misconceived ideas of how my not eating flesh effects their life and throw idiotic, generic and un-thought of remarks my way as if I have never heard them before.  Anyway my pet hate is this one, probably because I hear it the most.

Annoying Person: How about all of the vegetables that you are murdering, what about their suffering and pain?

Me: Well actually vegetables do not feel pain because research has shown that they do not have a central nervous system and therefore can not feel pain.

Now normally Annoying Person would be stumped on this one but all of a sudden I find myself thinking “THOSE LUCKY BASTARDS!” lol I wish i didn’t need a central nervous system! But then some Vegetarian would probably feel justified in eating me!

CRPS/RSD and Chronic Pain: Should We Stop Living Because It Hurts?

An inspiring post for living with CRPS

RSD Advisory- Where Chronic Pain & Depression Collide

We should not stop living because it hurts! I’ve heard so many times if so and so has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or Chronic Pain in general if they go out for the evening, wear a certain type of clothing, shoes, accessories, move their bodies they can’t possibly hurt that bad. Wrong! It means they are not letting the pain and disability rule their lives. They want to live, laugh, enjoy a moment, make new memories, perhaps experience some of the old.

Too often we become trapped in the cycle of isolating ourselves. Maybe even feeling sorry for ourselves. It’s okay to feel that way from time to time it’s not okay to let the illness take over our lives and that which we love. Family, children, goals, dreams and wishes for ourselves.

If you see someone doing something you wouldn’t do or your body isn’t capable of…

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I haven’t ridden my horses much over the past few years. They have all aged quite a bit and are now considered seniors. My oldest and beloved Ernie left us back in January at the age of 25 and the other two Doozy and Angel have now hit 20. I’m starting to look for “senior” feeds and finding ways to keep their older bones warmer over winter. The thing is they are not old for their age. Ive had both for nearly 10 years and they have lived well. in the past few years they have been more of a pet than a work horse and the most work they have done is mowing the grass in the house paddock.
Seeing as my health has forced me back to living in my home town and with my parents, I have had the pleasure of spending more time with my boys and I have been feeling an overwhelming need to not just start riding again, but to train and one day compete in dressage.
Here is the catch! I now have a neurological disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and while im not crippled at this stage, I’m also not as able bodied as I once was. I’m also still having my neurological symptoms looked at and the possibility of a multiple sclerosis diagnosis is hanging over me. At this stage things that will be a hurdle for me, besides chronic pain, will be weakness in my hands and legs and days with my hands having constant tremors and reduced movement.
As far as my horses go, they are getting too old to really compete with. They are still able to be ridden, but to compete I would need a much younger horse. I’m not really interested in Riding Angel, while he is a dream to ride; he has a habit of rearing when things get too hard. I really need to consider my safety with him. So that leaves me my boy Doozy. He is my reliable one and I trust him to take care of me. However, over the past couple of years he has developed intolerance to too much protein in his food and he now has a few problems from it that we need to manage. Despite this, he is going to be my trusted steed and get me going again. Ill consider him my school horse.
On the positive side, horse riding is great therapy for people with neurological problems. There are lots of people with MS who ride as part of their therapy and I’m so excited to have the excuse to train again. I’m not looking to compete until I have a new horse and feel I’m Riding at a decent level. Really I just want to ride and be with my boys. At the end of the day, you need to make the most of what you have.
So far I have just started lunging Doozy. I want to get him listening to me and build up some top line before I put a saddle on him. I also want to wait until I get one more check from the vet to make sure he is good to go. I also want to talk to my physio about it before I get on. Really it’s tempting to just hop on, I hate lunging and so does Doozy, but I think this is something I need to take my time with.