Friends are so important!

When I was burnt most of my friends vanished or pretended that I wasn’t stuck alone in a hospital 350km from home. Even those who were in Adelaide at the time ignored me on Facebook or were just too busy even though they were at the Uni next door. One friend on the other hand came back into my life and made up for all of those who vanished. My friend from Uni who I had not seen in around 5 years was in to visit me as soon as she could and I could handle visitors. She was the one who dragged my depressed ass out of my room and out for a coffee in the hospital. She brought me a Lucky Bamboo that I wasn’t allowed to have because of hygiene reasons. It is still alive a year on so i think its called Lucky Bamboo for a reason. lol


Its strange and surprising to see who is there for you when you need help. I always give and never ask for anything back but its kind of nice to open your eyes to the people who do care. Probably the best thing about my burn injury was getting my friend back into my life and continuing that friendship. Life just got in the way for us, but its like we never had that gap where we drifted apart. We were instantly normal again, like we were at uni and I think that is something to hold on to.

This weekend is a long weekend and she has come to visit and stay with me and my family. We are becoming her family away from home and I love her coming to stay. I worry with my CRPS being a pain that I’m stopping her from having a great time away, but she understands as much as anyone can. Last time I was active and I could do more than I expected, but this time I’m quite sore and tired. Today we went for a day trip down the coast to Beachport and had a blast. I get to hang out with her for four and a half days so I hope I can keep up. I was exhausted from going to Adelaide Thurs, where she caught a lift back. I’m sure I will be exhausted even more by the time she leaves on Tuesday. Its worth it though just to be able to spend time together. I’m glad something this good has come out of my burns. I’m just so lucky.


Day trip to Beachport SA, 4/10/2013