Magnesium! Oh how I love you.


I have recently discovered the wonderful benefits of Magnesium for my CRPS. I have always loved the effects of my Epsom Salt Baths and my soaks in the ocean, but I have recently raised the bar and improved my magnesium intake to assist me with dealing with my CRPS.


  • I have started to search for alternative and more natural ways to deal with my pain.
  • Magnesium is often used to assist in pain relief and is widely used within the CRPS and chronic pain community
  • I have started to consider how feeding the brain and nervous system can assist me in coping with CRPS and reducing the symptoms I have, other than my pain. Spasms, cramps, tremors etc.
  • I am so tired of being on medication and the fact that they are losing their effect could end up in me needing even more. I am over it!

So how have I done this?  

With all of my research in mind I have gone with two new options for adding Magnesium into my routine.

  • Magnesium tablets with added Vitamin B6.  I’m taking Bio Organics Magnesium Forte. Is a vego option that I have added to my morning pile of pills. The B6 helps the body absorb the Magnesium.
  • Magnesium Oil. So apparently magnesium absorbs better through the skin. I have made my own Mag Oil and it is easier and far far far cheaper than any brought product. I have been rubbing it into my hand daily and arm and feet on bad days. I’m loving this option. I’ll share how I made I soon.

How Magnesium has helped me!

Keeping in mind that this is my experience and everyone will have different results

Before the extra Magnesium was added to my routine, I was tired, fatigued and in one of the worst flares to date. I had lost the use of my left hand and could barely move it.  Basically I was a mess and in a lot of pain.

I started with the Magnesium oil just rubbing a little into my left hand and wrist three times a day and a little on my feet. I did my best to stay objective at first, but what I felt was relief, and quite quickly. Within a minute the pain in my hand had halved and I was a very happy girl. The other thing that I noticed was that the next day I felt good within myself. I felt bright, awake and had energy to burn, despite the fact that I had considerable pain. The thing was I felt more able to deal with the pain. I was amazed that it had such a fast effect on me and so far after 2 weeks I still feel great and have been more active and flaring much less. I’m so impressed.

About a week after I added Magnesium tablets to my diet, I wanted to have a more constant supply of magnesium in my body. Now that I am out of my flare and not flaring as much, I don’t use as much mag Oil.  Every morning I take one tablet and I have maintained the same fantastic clear feeling.

Over the last month I have been hanging out for my second Ketamine infusion. There had been tears and days in bed unable to move my toes for fear of it triggering cramps and excruciating pain shooting through my body. Now, just over a week from my infusion, I’m wondering if I really need my infusion. Of course I need it. There are still flares and other symptoms to deal with. It’s just that I feel so good. So Magnesium is now permanently a big part of my treatment.


Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor or an nutritionist of any kind. Please consult with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet. I am writing this article from my experience and my understanding of the topic. Please consider doing your own research on this topic.